20h Bus Schedule Great Neck-Hicksville

The 20h Bus Schedule Great Neck-Hicksville access here the mta or NICE BUS schedule, learn how to get to your destination using the Nassau City collective transportation, all of the population requiring college in the Nassau community.

The regions where the bus passes on its route or bus route, just below.

20h Bus Schedule 20h Bus Schedule Direction of Travel: Eastbound

A. Great Neck LIRR Sta @ south sideB. Northern Blvd & Lakeville RdC. Northern Blvd & Plandome RdD. Old Northern Blvd & Mineola AveE. Roslyn Clock TowerF. Northern Blvd & Glen Cove RdG. LIU PostH. SUNY – Old WestburyI. Broadway Mall – N BroadwayJ. Hicksville LIRR Station
6:25 AM6:27 AM6:31 AM6:37 AM6:39 AM6:43 AM6:48 AM6:54 AM7:00 AM7:02 AM
6:55 AM6:57 AM7:01 AM7:07 AM7:09 AM7:13 AM7:18 AM7:24 AM7:32 AM7:34 AM
7:05 AM7:08 AM7:13 AM7:22 AM7:24 AM7:31 AM7:37 AM7:47 AM7:55 AM7:57 AM
7:25 AM7:28 AM7:33 AM7:42 AM7:44 AM7:51 AM7:57 AM8:07 AM8:15 AM8:17 AM
7:37 AM7:40 AM7:45 AM7:54 AM7:56 AM8:03 AM8:09 AM8:19 AM8:27 AM8:29 AM
7:46 AM7:49 AM7:54 AM8:03 AM8:05 AM8:12 AM8:18 AM8:28 AM8:36 AM8:38 AM
7:56 AM7:59 AM8:04 AM8:13 AM8:15 AM8:22 AM8:28 AM8:38 AM8:46 AM8:48 AM
8:10 AM8:13 AM8:18 AM8:27 AM8:29 AM8:36 AM8:42 AM8:52 AM9:00 AM9:02 AM
8:25 AM8:28 AM8:33 AM8:42 AM8:44 AM8:51 AM8:57 AM9:07 AM9:13 AM9:15 AM
8:36 AM8:39 AM8:44 AM8:53 AM8:55 AM9:02 AM9:08 AM9:16 AM9:22 AM9:24 AM
8:47 AM8:50 AM8:55 AM9:04 AM9:06 AM9:13 AM9:19 AM9:27 AM9:33 AM9:35 AM
8:59 AM9:02 AM9:07 AM9:16 AM9:18 AM9:25 AM9:31 AM9:39 AM9:45 AM9:47 AM
9:10 AM9:13 AM9:18 AM9:27 AM9:29 AM9:36 AM9:42 AM9:50 AM9:56 AM9:58 AM
9:30 AM9:33 AM9:38 AM9:47 AM9:49 AM9:56 AM10:02 AM10:10 AM10:16 AM10:18 AM
9:45 AM9:48 AM9:53 AM10:02 AM
9:59 AM10:02 AM10:07 AM10:16 AM10:18 AM10:25 AM10:31 AM10:39 AM10:45 AM10:47 AM
10:30 AM10:33 AM10:38 AM10:47 AM10:49 AM10:56 AM11:02 AM11:10 AM11:16 AM11:18 AM
11:00 AM11:03 AM11:08 AM11:17 AM11:19 AM11:26 AM11:32 AM11:40 AM11:48 AM11:50 AM
11:30 AM11:33 AM11:38 AM11:47 AM11:49 AM11:56 AM12:02 PM12:10 PM12:18 PM12:20 PM
12:00 PM12:03 PM12:08 PM12:17 PM12:19 PM12:26 PM12:32 PM12:40 PM12:48 PM12:50 PM
12:30 PM12:33 PM12:38 PM12:47 PM12:49 PM12:56 PM1:02 PM1:10 PM1:18 PM1:20 PM
1:00 PM1:03 PM1:08 PM1:17 PM1:19 PM1:26 PM1:32 PM1:40 PM1:48 PM1:50 PM
1:30 PM1:33 PM1:38 PM1:47 PM1:49 PM1:56 PM2:02 PM2:10 PM2:18 PM2:20 PM
2:00 PM2:03 PM2:08 PM2:17 PM2:19 PM2:26 PM2:32 PM2:40 PM2:48 PM2:50 PM
2:30 PM2:33 PM2:38 PM2:47 PM2:49 PM2:56 PM3:02 PM3:12 PM3:20 PM3:22 PM
3:00 PM3:03 PM3:08 PM3:17 PM3:19 PM3:26 PM3:32 PM3:42 PM3:50 PM3:52 PM
3:30 PM3:33 PM3:38 PM3:47 PM3:49 PM3:56 PM4:02 PM4:12 PM4:20 PM4:22 PM
4:00 PM4:03 PM4:08 PM4:17 PM4:19 PM4:26 PM4:32 PM4:42 PM4:50 PM4:52 PM
4:20 PM4:23 PM4:28 PM4:37 PM4:39 PM4:46 PM4:52 PM5:02 PM5:10 PM5:12 PM
4:35 PM4:38 PM4:43 PM4:52 PM4:54 PM5:01 PM5:07 PM5:17 PM5:25 PM5:27 PM
4:55 PM4:58 PM5:03 PM5:12 PM5:14 PM5:21 PM5:27 PM5:37 PM5:45 PM5:47 PM
5:05 PM5:08 PM5:13 PM5:22 PM5:24 PM5:31 PM5:36 PM5:44 PM5:52 PM5:54 PM
5:25 PM5:28 PM5:33 PM5:42 PM5:44 PM5:51 PM5:56 PM6:04 PM6:12 PM6:14 PM
5:35 PM5:38 PM5:43 PM5:52 PM5:54 PM6:01 PM6:06 PM6:14 PM6:22 PM6:24 PM
5:55 PM5:58 PM6:03 PM6:12 PM6:14 PM6:21 PM6:26 PM6:34 PM6:42 PM6:44 PM
6:05 PM6:07 PM6:11 PM6:19 PM6:21 PM6:27 PM6:32 PM6:40 PM6:46 PM6:48 PM
6:29 PM6:31 PM6:35 PM6:43 PM6:45 PM6:51 PM6:56 PM7:04 PM7:10 PM7:12 PM
6:37 PM6:39 PM6:43 PM6:51 PM6:53 PM6:59 PM7:04 PM7:12 PM7:18 PM7:20 PM
7:05 PM7:07 PM7:11 PM7:17 PM7:19 PM7:23 PM7:28 PM7:34 PM7:40 PM7:42 PM
7:35 PM7:37 PM7:41 PM7:47 PM7:49 PM7:53 PM7:58 PM8:04 PM8:10 PM8:12 PM
8:07 PM8:09 PM8:13 PM8:19 PM8:21 PM8:25 PM8:30 PM8:36 PM8:42 PM8:44 PM
8:27 PM8:29 PM8:33 PM8:39 PM8:41 PM8:45 PM8:50 PM8:56 PM9:02 PM9:04 PM
9:07 PM9:09 PM9:13 PM9:19 PM9:21 PM9:25 PM9:30 PM9:36 PM9:42 PM9:44 PM
10:07 PM10:09 PM10:13 PM10:19 PM10:21 PM10:25 PM10:30 PM10:36 PM10:42 PM10:44 PM
11:07 PM11:09 PM11:13 PM11:19 PM11:21 PM11:25 PM11:30 PM11:36 PM11:42 PM11:44 PM
11:37 PM11:39 PM11:43 PM11:49 PM

20h Bus Schedule Direction of Travel: Eastbound

A. Hicksville LIRR StationB. Hicksville Bdway Mall (Sears)C. SUNY – Old WestburyD. LIU PostE. Northern Blvd & Glen Cove RdF. Roslyn Clock TowerG. Old Northern Blvd & Mineola AveH. Northern Blvd & Plandome RdI. Great Neck LIRR Sta @ south side
4:37 AM4:43 AM4:53 AM
4:57 AM5:03 AM5:13 AM
5:12 AM5:18 AM5:28 AM
5:33 AM5:39 AM5:49 AM
5:51 AM5:57 AM6:07 AM
5:55 AM5:58 AM6:06 AM6:12 AM6:19 AM6:25 AM6:27 AM6:35 AM6:47 AM
6:02 AM6:10 AM6:20 AM
6:25 AM6:28 AM6:36 AM6:42 AM6:49 AM6:55 AM6:57 AM7:05 AM7:17 AM
6:55 AM6:58 AM7:06 AM7:12 AM7:19 AM7:25 AM7:27 AM7:35 AM7:47 AM
7:22 AM7:25 AM7:33 AM7:39 AM7:46 AM7:52 AM7:54 AM8:02 AM8:14 AM
7:52 AM7:55 AM8:03 AM8:09 AM8:16 AM8:22 AM8:24 AM8:32 AM8:44 AM
8:28 AM8:31 AM8:39 AM8:45 AM8:52 AM8:58 AM9:00 AM9:08 AM9:20 AM
8:58 AM9:01 AM9:09 AM9:15 AM9:22 AM9:28 AM9:30 AM9:38 AM9:50 AM
9:25 AM9:28 AM9:38 AM9:46 AM9:53 AM9:58 AM10:00 AM10:10 AM10:22 AM
9:55 AM9:58 AM10:08 AM10:16 AM10:23 AM10:28 AM10:30 AM10:40 AM10:52 AM
10:25 AM10:28 AM10:38 AM10:46 AM10:53 AM10:58 AM11:00 AM11:10 AM11:22 AM
10:55 AM10:58 AM11:08 AM11:16 AM11:23 AM11:28 AM11:30 AM11:40 AM11:52 AM
11:25 AM11:28 AM11:38 AM11:46 AM11:53 AM11:58 AM12:00 PM12:10 PM12:22 PM
11:55 AM11:58 AM12:08 PM12:16 PM12:23 PM12:28 PM12:30 PM12:40 PM12:52 PM
12:25 PM12:28 PM12:38 PM12:46 PM12:53 PM12:58 PM1:00 PM1:10 PM1:22 PM
12:55 PM12:58 PM1:08 PM1:16 PM1:23 PM1:28 PM1:30 PM1:40 PM1:52 PM
1:25 PM1:28 PM1:38 PM1:46 PM1:53 PM1:58 PM2:00 PM2:10 PM2:22 PM
1:55 PM1:58 PM2:08 PM2:16 PM2:23 PM2:28 PM2:30 PM2:40 PM2:52 PM
2:25 PM2:28 PM2:38 PM2:46 PM2:53 PM2:58 PM3:00 PM3:10 PM3:22 PM
2:55 PM2:58 PM3:08 PM3:16 PM3:23 PM3:28 PM3:30 PM3:40 PM3:52 PM
3:15 PM3:19 PM3:29 PM3:37 PM3:45 PM3:50 PM3:52 PM4:02 PM4:14 PM
3:20 PM3:30 PM3:42 PM
3:25 PM3:29 PM3:39 PM3:47 PM3:55 PM4:00 PM4:02 PM4:12 PM4:24 PM
3:45 PM3:49 PM3:59 PM4:07 PM4:15 PM4:20 PM4:22 PM4:32 PM4:44 PM
3:55 PM3:59 PM4:09 PM4:17 PM4:25 PM4:30 PM4:32 PM4:42 PM4:54 PM
4:15 PM4:19 PM4:29 PM4:37 PM4:45 PM4:50 PM4:52 PM5:02 PM5:14 PM
4:30 PM4:34 PM4:44 PM4:52 PM5:00 PM5:05 PM5:07 PM5:17 PM5:29 PM
4:45 PM4:49 PM4:59 PM5:07 PM5:15 PM5:20 PM5:22 PM5:32 PM5:44 PM
5:00 PM5:04 PM5:14 PM5:22 PM5:30 PM5:35 PM5:37 PM5:47 PM5:59 PM
5:15 PM5:19 PM5:29 PM5:37 PM5:45 PM5:50 PM5:52 PM6:02 PM6:14 PM
5:25 PM5:29 PM5:39 PM5:47 PM5:55 PM6:00 PM6:02 PM6:12 PM6:24 PM
5:40 PM5:44 PM5:54 PM6:02 PM6:10 PM6:15 PM6:17 PM6:27 PM6:39 PM
5:55 PM5:59 PM6:09 PM6:17 PM6:25 PM6:30 PM6:32 PM6:42 PM6:54 PM
6:15 PM6:19 PM6:29 PM6:37 PM6:45 PM6:50 PM6:52 PM7:02 PM7:14 PM
6:35 PM6:39 PM6:49 PM6:57 PM7:05 PM7:10 PM7:12 PM7:22 PM7:34 PM
6:55 PM6:59 PM7:09 PM7:17 PM7:25 PM7:30 PM7:32 PM7:42 PM7:54 PM
7:15 PM7:19 PM7:29 PM7:37 PM7:45 PM7:50 PM7:52 PM8:02 PM8:14 PM
7:45 PM7:49 PM7:59 PM8:07 PM8:15 PM8:20 PM8:22 PM8:32 PM8:44 PM
8:17 PM8:21 PM8:31 PM8:39 PM8:47 PM8:52 PM8:54 PM9:04 PM9:16 PM
8:45 PM8:49 PM8:59 PM9:07 PM9:15 PM9:20 PM9:22 PM9:32 PM9:44 PM
9:15 PM9:19 PM9:29 PM9:37 PM9:45 PM9:50 PM9:52 PM10:02 PM10:14 PM
10:00 PM10:04 PM10:14 PM10:22 PM10:30 PM10:35 PM10:37 PM10:47 PM10:59 PM