Looked for bus schedules that know route information and maps, to plan your trip. 110 NFTA WEST-NORTH

110 NFTA West-North here you’ll find all the schedules for the local nfta metro trip planner, plus easy steps on how to read a NFTA metro bus schedule. Access the link from the bus schedules below.
Below you will see a link to access bus schedules Buffalo. 110 NFTA WEST-NORTH

NFTA METRO 110 West-Nort
Exist 98 full size hybrid buses using use 30 percent less fuel, which translates into more resources and service for riders.
Metro covered 10 million miles in 2014, with 26 million boardings.
Metro is public transportation for Erie and Niagara Counties.
302 buses running on ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, which means cleaner, healthier air.
You have to take a bike to put less carbon in the air.


A rail system serving the heart of Buffalo that is 100 percent emission free, and some of that electricity is hydropower.

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