15 TARC BUS SCHEDULE MARKET STREET SCHEDULE NOTE: * Time is shown at bus stop on US 42 at Brownsboro Road (Route 68X trips only)

This route operates along Market Street from Shawnee Park through downtown Louisville to serve Crescent Hill, Veterans Hospital and Brownsboro Road as far as Holiday Manor Shopping Center.


Selected trips continue over Herr Lane and LaGrange Road to serve Lyndon, Whipps Millgate and Keeneland areas. Lagrange Road trips serve Central State Hospital.

Monday – Friday Eastbound

Shawnee Park Market 18th Market 5th Frankfort Clifton Veterans Hospital Brownsboro Chenoweth Herr Westport Forest Green Ormsby Station I KCentral State Hospital LaGrange Whipps Mill J Brownsboro Northfield

4:58a 5:12a 5:20a 5:33a 5:43a
5:19a 5:32a 5:40a 5:53a 6:02a 6:07a 6:11a 6:21a 6:24a 6:26a
5:39a 5:52a 6:00a 6:13a 6:22a 6:27a 6:31a 6:41a 6:44a 6:46a
5:57a 6:12a 6:20a 6:33a 6:43a 6:49a
6:10a 6:26a 6:35a 6:49a 6:59a 7:05a 7:11a 7:23a 7:27a 7:30a
6:24a 6:41a 6:50a 7:04a 7:15a 7:22a
6:45a 7:01a 7:10a 7:24a 7:34a 7:40a 7:46a 7:58a 8:02a 8:05a
7:04a 7:21a 7:30a 7:44a 7:55a 8:02a
7:25a 7:41a 7:50a 8:04a 8:14a
7:44a 8:01a 8:10a 8:24a 8:35a 8:42a
8:05a 8:21a 8:30a 8:44a 8:55a 9:01a 9:06a 9:17a 9:21a 9:24a
8:20a 8:36a 8:45a 8:59a 9:11a
8:40a 8:56a 9:05a
9:01a 9:16a 9:25a 9:39a 9:50a 9:57a
9:41a 9:56a 10:05a 10:19a 10:30a 10:36a 10:41a 10:52a 10:56a 10:59a
10:21a 10:36a 10:45a 10:59a 11:10a 11:17a
11:01a 11:16a 11:25a 11:39a 11:50a 11:56a 12:01p 12:12p 12:16p 12:19p
11:41a 11:56a 12:05p 12:19p 12:30p 12:37p
12:21p 12:36p 12:45p 12:59p 1:10p 1:16p 1:21p 1:32p 1:36p 1:39p
1:01p 1:16p 1:25p 1:39p 1:50p 1:57p
1:41p 1:56p 2:05p 2:19p 2:30p 2:36p 2:41p 2:52p 2:56p 2:59p
2:00p 2:16p 2:25p
2:21p 2:36p 2:45p 2:59p 3:10p 3:17p
2:45p 3:01p 3:10p 3:24p 3:36p 3:42p 3:47p 4:00p 4:04p 4:07p
3:06p 3:21p 3:30p 3:44p 3:55p 4:02p
3:25p 3:41p 3:50p 4:04p 4:16p 4:22p 4:27p 4:40p 4:44p 4:47p
3:51p 4:06p 4:15p 4:29p 4:40p 4:47p
4:10p 4:26p 4:35p 4:50p 5:00p 5:07p 5:13p 5:26p 5:30p 5:33p
4:32p 4:46p 4:55p 5:10p 5:21p 5:29p
4:51p 5:06p 5:15p 5:30p 5:40p 5:47p 5:53p 6:06p 6:10p 6:13p
5:12p 5:26p 5:35p 5:49p 6:00p 6:07p
5:31p 5:46p 5:55p 6:09p 6:18p 6:24p 6:29p 6:40p 6:44p 6:47p
5:56p 6:11p 6:20p 6:34p 6:45p 6:52p
7:04p 7:17p 7:25p 7:38p 7:48p 7:54p
8:14p 8:27p 8:35p 8:48p 8:58p 9:04p
9:24p 9:37p 9:45p 9:58p 10:08p 10:14p
10:35p 10:47p 10:55p 11:08p 11:18p

Monday – Friday Westbound

LaGrange Whipps Mill Herr Westport Brownsboro Northfield Brownsboro Chenoweth Veterans Hospital Frankfort Clifton Jefferson 4th Market 18th Shawnee Park

5:53a 6:04a 6:20a 6:28a 6:39a
6:23a 6:34a 6:50a 6:58a 7:09a
6:27a 6:34a 6:42a 6:47a 6:59a 7:15a 7:23a 7:36a
6:59a 7:06a 7:19a 7:35a 7:43a 7:56a
7:02a 7:09a 7:17a 7:22a 7:34a 7:50a 7:58a 8:11a
7:34a 7:41a 7:54a 8:10a 8:18a 8:31a
7:37a 7:44a 7:52a 7:57a 8:09a 8:25a 8:33a 8:46a
8:14a 8:21a 8:34a 8:50a 8:58a 9:11a
8:25a 8:31a 8:38a 8:44a 8:56a 9:13a 9:21a 9:34a
9:18a 9:18a 9:25a 9:36a 9:53a 10:01a 10:14a
9:45a 9:51a 9:58a 10:04a 10:16a 10:33a 10:41a 10:54a
10:32a 10:38a 10:45a 10:56a 11:13a 11:21a 11:34a
11:05a 11:11a 11:18a 11:24a 11:36a 11:53a 12:01p 12:14p
11:52a 11:58p 12:05p 12:16p 12:33p 12:41p 12:54p
12:25p 12:31p 12:38p 12:44p 12:56p 1:13p 1:21p 1:34p
1:07p 1:13p 1:20p 1:31p 1:48p 1:56p 2:09p
1:44p 1:56p 2:15p 2:24p 2:38p
1:46p 1:53p 1:59p 2:04p 2:16p 2:35p 2:44p 2:58p
2:55p 3:04p 3:18p
2:35p 2:42p 2:49p 3:01p 3:20p 3:29p 3:43p
3:04p 3:09p 3:21p 3:40p 3:49p 4:03p
3:11p 3:18p 3:24p 3:29p 3:41p 4:00p 4:09p 4:23p
3:42p 3:49p 4:01p 4:20p 4:29p 4:43p
4:04p 4:09p 4:21p 4:40p 4:49p 5:03p
4:22p 4:29p 4:41p 5:00p 5:09p 5:23p
4:31p 4:38p 4:44p 4:49p 5:01p 5:20p 5:29p 5:43p
5:04p 5:11p 5:22p 5:40p 5:48p 6:00p
5:07p 5:14p 5:20p 5:26p 5:37p 5:55p 6:03p 6:15p
5:39p 5:46p 5:57p 6:15p 6:23p 6:35p
5:42p 5:49p 5:55p 6:01p 6:12p 6:30p 6:38p 6:50p
6:19p 6:26p 6:37p 6:55p 7:03p 7:15p
6:36p 6:43p 6:48p 6:53p 7:04p 7:20p 7:27p 7:39p
7:06p 7:13p 7:18p 7:23p 7:34p 7:50p 7:57p 8:09p
8:22p 8:27p 8:33p 8:44p 9:00p 9:07p 9:19p
9:32p 9:37p 9:43p 9:54p 10:10p 10:17p 10:29p
10:42p 10:47p 10:53p 11:04p 11:20p 11:27p 11:39p

Saturday Eastbound

5:37a 5:49a 5:55a 6:08a 6:17a 6:22a 6:26a 6:35a 6:38a 6:40a
6:37a 6:49a 6:55a 7:08a 7:18a 7:25a
7:37a 7:49a 7:55a 8:08a 8:17a 8:22a 8:26a 8:35a 8:39a 8:42a
8:24a 8:38a 8:45a 8:58a 9:08a 9:15a
9:24a 9:38a 9:45a 9:58a 10:07a 10:12a 10:16a 10:25a 10:29a 10:32a
10:24a 10:38a 10:45a 10:58a 11:08a 11:15a
11:24a 11:38a 11:45a 12:00p 12:09p 12:15p 12:19p 12:29p 12:33p 12:36p
12:24p 12:38p 12:45p 1:00p 1:11p 1:18p
1:24p 1:38p 1:45p 2:00p 2:09p 2:15p 2:19p 2:29p 2:33p 2:36p
2:24p 2:38p 2:45p 3:00p 3:11p 3:18p
3:24p 3:38p 3:45p 4:00p 4:09p 4:15p 4:19p 4:29p 4:33p 4:36p
4:24p 4:38p 4:45p 5:00p 5:11p 5:18p
5:24p 5:38p 5:45p 6:00p 6:09p 6:14p 6:18p 6:27p 6:31p 6:34p
6:24p 6:38p 6:45p 6:58p 7:08p 7:15p
7:27p 7:39p 7:45p 7:58p 8:08p
8:27p 8:39p 8:45p 8:58p 9:08p
10:02p 10:14p 10:20p 10:33p 10:43p

Saturday Westbound

LaGrange Whipps Mill Herr Westport Brownsboro Northfield Brownsboro Chenoweth Veterans Hospital Frankfort Clifton Jefferson 4thMarket 18th Shawnee Park

6:06a 6:16a 6:30a 6:37a 6:48a
6:47a 6:53a 6:57a 7:02a 7:11a 7:25a 7:32a 7:43a
7:48a 7:53a 8:00a 8:10a 8:25a 8:33a 8:46a
8:45a 8:52a 8:56a 9:01a 9:10a 9:25a 9:33a 9:46a
9:48a 9:53a 10:00a 10:10a 10:25a 10:33a 10:46a
10:43a 10:50a 10:54a 11:00a 11:09a 11:25a 11:33a 11:46a
11:44a 11:50a 11:58a 12:09p 12:25p 12:33p 12:46p
12:42p 12:49p 12:54p 1:00p 1:09p 1:25p 1:33p 1:46p
1:44p 1:50p 1:58p 2:09p 2:25p 2:33p 2:46p
2:42p 2:49p 2:54p 3:00p 3:09p 3:25p 3:33p 3:46p
3:44p 3:50p 3:58p 4:09p 4:25p 4:33p 4:46p
4:42p 4:49p 4:54p 5:00p 5:09p 5:25p 5:33p 5:46p
5:48p 5:54p 6:01p 6:11p 6:25p 6:33p 6:46p
6:46p 6:53p 6:57p 7:02p 7:11p 7:25p 7:33p 7:44p
7:49p 7:54p 8:01p 8:11p 8:25p 8:32p 8:43p
9:16p 9:26p 9:40p 9:47p 9:58p
10:50p 11:00p 11:14p 11:21p 11:32p

Sunday/Holiday Eastbound

6:38a 6:40a 6:35a 6:26a 6:22a 6:17a 6:08a 5:55a 5:49a 5:37a
7:25a 7:18a 7:08a 6:55a 6:49a 6:37a
8:39a 8:42a 8:35a 8:26a 8:22a 8:17a 8:08a 7:55a 7:49a 7:37a
9:15a 9:08a 8:58a 8:45a 8:38a 8:24a
10:29a 10:32a 10:25a 10:16a 10:12a 10:07a 9:58a 9:45a 9:38a 9:24a
11:15a 11:08a 10:58a 10:45a 10:38a 10:24a
12:33p 12:36p 12:29p 12:19p 12:15p 12:09p 12:00p 11:45a 11:38a 11:24a
1:18p 1:11p 1:00p 12:45p 12:38p 12:24p
2:33p 2:36p 2:29p 2:19p 2:15p 2:09p 2:00p 1:45p 1:38p 1:24p
3:18p 3:11p 3:00p 2:45p 2:38p 2:24p
4:33p 4:36p 4:29p 4:19p 4:15p 4:09p 4:00p 3:45p 3:38p 3:24p
5:18p 5:11p 5:00p 4:45p 4:38p 4:24p
6:31p 6:34p 6:27p 6:18p 6:14p 6:09p 6:00p 5:45p 5:38p 5:24p
7:15p 7:08p 6:58p 6:45p 6:38p 6:24p
8:08p 7:58p 7:45p 7:39p 7:27p
9:08p 8:58p 8:45p 8:39p 8:27p
10:43p 10:33p 10:20p 10:14p 10:02p

Sunday/Holiday Westbound

6:48a 6:37a 6:30a 6:16a 6:06a
7:43a 7:32a 7:25a 7:11a 7:02a 6:57a 6:53a 6:47a
8:46a 8:33a 8:25a 8:10a 8:00a 7:53a 7:48a
9:46a 9:33a 9:25a 9:10a 9:01a 8:56a 8:52a 8:45a
10:46a 10:33a 10:25a 10:10a 10:00a 9:53a 9:48a
11:46a 11:33a 11:25a 11:09a 11:00a 10:54a 10:50a 10:43a
12:46p 12:33p 12:25p 12:09p 11:58a 11:50a 11:44a
1:46p 1:33p 1:25p 1:09p 1:00p 12:54p 12:49p 12:42p
2:46p 2:33p 2:25p 2:09p 1:58p 1:50p 1:44p
3:46p 3:33p 3:25p 3:09p 3:00p 2:54p 2:49p 2:42p
4:46p 4:33p 4:25p 4:09p 3:58p 3:50p 3:44p
5:46p 5:33p 5:25p 5:09p 5:00p 4:54p 4:49p 4:42p
6:46p 6:33p 6:25p 6:11p 6:01p 5:54p 5:48p
7:44p 7:33p 7:25p 7:11p 7:02p 6:57p 6:53p 6:46p
8:43p 8:32p 8:25p 8:11p 8:01p 7:54p 7:49p
9:58p 9:47p 9:40p 9:26p 9:16p
11:32p 11:21p 11:14p 11:00p 10:50p




TARC is the transit authority of the River City company that provides public transportation in the Greater Louisville area. It offers bus schedules in Bullitt, Oldham and Jefferson counties in Clark and Kentucky counties and Floyd counties in Indiana.

With wheelchair and bicycle equipment TARC is open from Monday to Friday. To Fri. From eight o’clock to twelve o’clock and on Saturdays from nine o’clock to noon, TARC 15 BUS SCHEDULE.

Shawnee Park
V.A. Medical Center
Holiday Manor
Shopping Center
Central State Hospital
Hurstbourne Green

Regular Route
VA Hospital –
Holiday Manor Trips
LaGrange Road Trips
Stops on Schedule
Connecting Routes

Connecting Routes
You can use TARC Transfers to go to and from a destination, make connections, or make stops along the way and then continue your trip within a two-hour period, all for one fare. Ask for it when you board the bus. Transfers are not transferrable.