642 BUS SCHEDULE NACOGDOCHES SOUTH642 BUS SCHEDULE NACOGDOCHES SOUTH Via Transport service Via San Antonio, find here all buses, routes and maps of the city.

The population of the city of San Antonio access via bus schedule, to meet the needs of new bus passengers were designed. Below see information and bus schedules.

642 - NACOGDOCHES - SOUT Bus Schedule


Via Bus Schedule

bus scheduleVia Bus Schedule tips on how to travel safely, amiable and comfort, whether you are riding for the first time or riding every day to VIA that make it simple as possible.
A bus fare costs 1.30 or express 2.60, for children of 5 and 11 years old the rates are reduced, for seniors with 62 or more servicemen, students, beneficiaries of medicare, people with certain disabilities as well Has reduced rate.

Bus Schedule offers a single daily pass, a 7 day pass and a 31 day pass, all with frequent discounts. The population that qualifies for a reduced rate can save a lot more.

VIA transit
 offers its customers several bus fare options, you can buy passes, tickets and tokens from special events on the official website, or at bus schedule information centers.

VIA BUSVia transfers allow you to get from one bus to another, are valid for 2.5 hours and must be purchased when boarding.

An additional fee is required if you transfer from a regular service to Express Service. Understand how to see the next bus, bus stop number are posted on the signs at each bus stop.

Tips that You should still arrive at your stop at least 5 minutes before the estimated time of arrival of the bus, make sure that the bus is running. The buses are equipped with a GPS device that tells us the system where this bus is at all times. Predict when that bus will reach another stop on the road. To improve the operational efficiency of San Antonio city traffic, many buses change routes when in service, especially approaching downtown.