Metro Transit 5 East Main

Metro Transit 5 East Main

Metro Transit 5 East Main Kalamazoo Click to read more about route 5 East Main READ MORE Serving East Main Street, Hardings Market, and Eastwood Plaza. Click to view Route 5 Schedule VIEW ROUTE 5 SCHEDULE Metro transit bus schedule transportation kalamazoo and metro connect transit schedule routes kalamazoo county.

Route 5 Monday – Friday Bus Schedule
Outbound Leaves Rose Bay 13 Outbound Arrives Eastwood Plaza Inbound Arrives Burdick Bay 13
6:15a 6:25a 6:38a
6:45a 6:55a 7:08a
7:15a 7:25a 7:38a
7:45a 7:55a 8:08a
8:15a 8:25a 8:38a
8:45a 8:55a 9:08a
9:15a 9:25a 9:38a
9:45a 9:55a 10:08a
10:15a 10:25a 10:38a
10:45a 10:55a 11:08a
11:15a 11:25a 11:38a
11:45a 11:55a 12:08p
12:15p 12:25p 12:38p
12:45p 12:55p 1:08p
1:15p 1:25p 1:38p
1:45p 1:55p 2:08p
2:15p 2:25p 2:38p
2:45p 2:55p 3:08p
3:15p 3:25p 3:38p
3:45p 3:55p 4:08p
4:15p 4:25p 4:38p
4:45p 4:55p 5:08p
5:15p 5:25p 5:38p
5:45p 5:55p 6:08p
6:15p 6:25p 6:38p
6:45p 6:55p 7:08p
7:15p 7:25p 7:38p
7:45p 7:55p 8:08p
8:15p 8:25p 8:38p
8:45p 8:55p 9:08p
9:15p 9:25p 9:38p
9:45p 9:55p 10:08p
10:15p 10:25p 10:38p
11:15p 11:25p 11:38p

If you are from kalamazoo county, you know the facilities to move around the city with the quality of metro transit, the Transport Network of Kalamazoo County. Its structure is always based on meeting the social and economic interests of the population, providing the best transportation services for passengers.Metro Transit 5 East Main

It is not possible to speak in metro transit without talking about comfort and effectiveness, since a service aimed at the majority of the population must offer flexibility, constant improvement and the attendance to the feedbacks of its passengers by bus. These are the guidelines followed at the time of creating a flexible bus schedule that meets the demands of metro bus schedule kalamazoo county.

Serving various regions of Kalamazoo County with bus schedules kept constantly revised to act in the most economical and functional way for its passengers, counting on an electronic ticketing – which counts on the use of an intelligent charging system – and with the tariff of circulation.

Thus, in the county of Kalamazoo the metro bus schedule that will know reach its destination with constant changes of vehicle and nor with the synchronization of the bus schedule, being able to count on the several lines available for its transport.Bus Schedule 5 East Main

Acting in bus transportation stretches, the chosen routes count on paving of quality and complete, counting on metro hours of arterial buses that circulate in lines, bus schedules, that circulate in peripheral districts and highways in which buses work bus kalamazoo.

– The bus transportation kalamazoo is inserted in the arterial ways, counting on some garages that behave the buses under constant monitoring and security and quality check.

– In addition to the bus timetable, it offers many stopping points for passengers to board and disembark, allowing everyone to be prioritized in safety and proximity to the residence, investing once again in efficiency and comfort.

– Being of the utmost importance, the metro bus routes has more than one option per line in short time periods, prioritizing the flexibility of metro bus schedule in order to meet any type of passenger, regardless of their profile.5 Bus Schedule East Main


– The diversity is also a priority of metro transit times kalamazoo, which prizes for the equal care of any and every passenger, allowing everyone to feel contemplated in their service, comfort and individual needs.