51 Bus Schedule Lake LA Palmdale

51 Bus Schedule Lake LA Palmdale

51 Bus Schedule Lake LA Palmdale plan transit travel to Antelope Valley north of Los Angeles County, California in the southeast of Kern County.

51 AVTA Route Lake LA Palmdale

Bus Schedule metrolink

AVTA (Antelope Valley Transit Authority) offers bus services and transportation of people with integration, bus schedules are coordinated by calling the Metrolink transport, see below the map with the full route 51 AVTA Route Lake LA Palmdale line and bus schedule.

Route 51 Schedule

Bus Schedule metrolink

51 Bus Schedule Maps Lake LA Palmdale

AVTA System Map 51 Bus Schedule Lake LA Palmdale Route 51 just below the image you will see the route of the bus with the complete map with all the route.

51 Bus Schedule Lake LA PalmdaleFor more information on planning your bus trip call the call center at (661) 945-9445.

The Antelope Valley Transit Authority seeks to provide connectivity between all of its routes by developing coordinated schedules that also connect to local Metrolink services. Consult Metro’s 511 service for travel planning or call our customer service” Bus Shcedule Antelope ValleyAVTA offers local transit services in Antelope Valley, with more than 45 buses with different schedules, making travel with 38 seated passengers and space for wheelchair users.

It has bus schedules and Hybrid 1 supplementary routes at peak times.

Before boarding, plan your bus AVTA bus, see the bus schedules and the routes where the bus passes, evaluate the connections and all the exit conocragram to embark on the point.

1 Lancaster Palmdale

2 East West Palmdale via Avenue R

3 East West Palmdale via Avenue S

4 Eastside Lancaster

5 Quartz Hill via Ave. L

7 Rancho Vista Lancaster

8 Antelope Valley College

9 Quartz Hill via Ave. H

11 East West Lancaster via Avenue I

12 East West Lancaster via Avenue J

50 Lake LA Lancaster

51 Lake LA Palmdale

52 Littlerock/Pearblossom

52 Littlerock Pearblossom

94 Special AV High School/Eastside High School

97 Special Highland High School

98 Special Pete Knight High School

747 Rosamond/Edwards Air Base

748 Mojave Air & Space Port

785 Downtown Los Angeles

786 Century City/West Los Angeles

787 West San Fernando Valley

Attention all bus schedules and maps with routes are subject to change.