El Paso is a major transportation hub. In that sense, the city has excellent bus service.

First of all, buses in El Paso run along a wide range of schedules. These schedules ensure that buses leave and arrive at their respective stops on time. This is especially important for commuters who need to make timed trips to work or home. In addition, schedules are important for passengers who need to make timed stops at their destinations. Whether you’re on foot or in a vehicle, El Paso has a schedule for you.

Secondly, El Paso’s buses have a sleek and modern look to complement their wide range of schedules. The brightly colored buses are easy to spot on the streets of El Paso.

Furthermore, each bus has an informative sign above its window that explains when the next bus will arrive. These signs help passengers know when their next opportunity to get off their bus will arise.

To make sure all passengers have enough time to board and disembark each bus, there’s an ample amount of space between each seat on every bus in El Paso.

Based on these factors, it’s clear that El Paso’s bus system is easy to use and understand. Every passenger has the same amount of time to get where they’re going- no matter what time it is or where they’re going. The buses themselves are modern and clean, allowing passengers to feel safe while waiting for their bus to arrive. Everything runs smoothly so passengers never get behind schedule or miss their stops entirely. Essentially, if anyone needs transportation in El Paso, they’ve got plenty of options at their fingertips!


2 Five Points Express

4 Union Plaza Circulator

5 Far East/Cielo Vista Transit Center Express

6 Far East/Mission Valley Express

7 Northeast/Mission Valley

8 Gateway Express

10 Sunset Heights/UTEP

11 Mesita via Kern Place

12 Doniphan Circulator

13–Coronado Hills Circulator

14 Westwind

15 Mesa

16 Upper Valley Circulator

19 Resler Circulator

20 Montana Vista

21 Chelmont via Raynolds

24 Delta Via Second Ward

25 University Medical /Cielo Vista

26 Five Points/Alameda Express

30 Horizon City

32 Five Points/Piedras/Ft. Bliss

33 Airport Routes

34 Medical Center via Cliff

35 Five Points via Dyer

36 Beaumont via Highland

37 Northgate via Dyer

40 Fabens/Tornillo

43 Montalvo Park via Dyer

44 Sean Haggerty via McCombs

46 Northeast Circulator/Rushing

50 Mission Trail

50 Montana

51 RC Poe via Edgemere

52 RC Poe via Pebble Hills

53 George Dieter via Montwood

54 RC Poe via Montwood

56 RC Poe/Far East Circulator

58 Montana/Turner

59 Eastside Connector

60 Socorro/Zaragoza Bridge

61 DTC via Alameda

62 Government District via Lakeside

63 Mission Valley/Cielo Vista Transit Center

64 Mission Valley via Alameda

65 Hacienda Via Carolina

66 Valle Verde via North Loop

67 Yarbrough

68 Lee Treviño

69 George Dieter

72 Vista del Sol

74 Pellicano/Rojas

84 Mission Del Paso

86 Bordeaux via North Loop

87 CVTC via Valle Verde

89 Zaragoza Bridge Circulator

90 Park + Ride Westside to Eastside Express

Alameda Corridor

Dyer Corridor

Mesa Corridor


Lastly, all buses in El Paso charge the same amount of money to ride them- with the same duration of time on each ticket.