The Valley Metro bus Schedule system runs throughout the entire Phoenix area. This bus system is used by both commuters and people who live in the area. In addition, this bus system is available 24 hours a day to accommodate late night and early morning trips. This will make travel faster and more convenient for everyone.

Most of the buses that run in Phoenix run on a similar schedule. The bus stop locations are posted on billboards and online at Valley Metro’s website. The times and routes for each stop are available online as well. There is an online trip planner to help you find your bus route and schedule. You can also call Valley Metro customer service with any questions you may have. All of these resources are in place to keep commuters informed and traveling safely.

If you plan on using transportation, you should familiarize yourself with the bus system. There are several routes that travel through the downtown area where most of Phoenix’s bus are located. These routes are especially useful if you’re looking for somewhere to shop while you’re riding the bus. There are also several routes that go to Phoenix.

The Valley Metro bus system is very convenient for both residents and workers alike. There are several routes that travel through the most popular areas of Phoenix, which makes it easy to get to work or shop during the daytime hours. Plus, Valley metro provides detailed schedules and trip planning tools online so everyone can be safe while traveling.


Valley Metro Rail & Streetcar

Valley Metro Rail & Streetcar Schedule and route.

Local Bus

Bus Schedule Local Valley Metro.

School Trips on Public Transit Routes

Phoenix Bus Schedule School Routes.

Express & RAPID Bus

ValleyMetro Express & RAPID Bus Schedule Phoenix.

Neighborhood Circulators

Bus Schedule Valley Metro routes Neighborhood Circulators.

Rural Route

Phoenix Rural Route Bus Schedule.

Rail Shuttle

Valley Metro Phoenix Rail Shuttle.


If you live or work in the greater Phoenix area, this website will help you plan your daily commute: It shows all of the routes that Valley Metro provides within its service area. You can also search for routes based on your destination, time, and whether you want a express or local route. All of this information is provided free of charge so everyone can easily access it.