COTA BUS SCHEDULE 73 DUBLIN – trip planner routes Columbus Ohio station near me public transportation.

COTA is the public transit system for the city of Columbus, Ohio. Knowing how to book your bus trip online can save you time and money.

SOUTH Monday–Friday

Dublin Dale Dr Park and Ride 06:58 07:18 07:40 05:25

Metro Place N & Frantz Rd – – – 05:34

Ashland Chemical – – – 05:43

Griggs Dam Park and Ride 07:11 07:31 07:53 –

E Long St & N High St 07:22 07:42 08:04 06:07

S 3rd St & E Broad St 07:24 07:44 08:06 06:09

COTA Transit Terminal (Bay 9) 07:26 07:46 08:08 06:11

NORTH Monday–Friday

COTA Transit Terminal (Bay 9) 07:30 03:54 04:30 05:06

S 4th St & E Capital St 07:33 03:57 04:33 05:09

W Spring St & N Front St 07:37 04:01 04:37 05:13

W Spring St & Marconi Blvd 07:38 04:02 04:38 05:14

Griggs Dam Park and Ride – 04:15 04:51 05:27

Ashland Chemical 08:00 – – –

Metro Place N & Frantz Rd 08:03 – – –

Dublin Dale Dr Park and Ride 08:11 04:27 05:03 05:39

Planning ahead for your bus trip can increase both convenience and safety when using COTA vehicles for transportation purposes. Whether planning based on cost per person or by selecting specific days or times, using an online booking option makes it easy to plan ahead without spending additional time or money!

To schedule your COTA bus trip, you first must know how much it costs per person. COTA charges two different prices per person when booking online. You CANNOT change these pricing stages once you have started a reservation.

You can save time and money by planning your bus trip based on cost per person instead of specific days or times.

COTA offers several online booking options to make bus trip planning easy. You can book single or round-trip tickets online up to seven days in advance of your desired date and time of departure. If you call COTA directly with any questions regarding its service, an agent will answer all inquiries in English as well as Spanish, Chinese and Korean languages- making it easy for anyone to use COTA regardless of their native language capabilities or linguistic skills in those languages.

Cota Bus Schedule
Cota Bus Schedule