Pierce Transit Route 400 Bus Schedule Puyallup-Downtown Tacoma

Pierce Transit Route 400 Bus Schedule Puyallup-Downtown Tacoma – public transport near me, information here the passenger can plan his bus trip with the transit authority, explore real-time interactive, stops and schedules and maps to help him get to where he is going.

Pierce Transit Route intends to serve the population with quality in passenger transport, with safety and reliability.

The company Pierce County Public Transportation, was created in the year of 1979, having its national recognition, operates in the Pierce contact with fixed routes, shuttle and vanpools.

Pierce Transit Route 400 Bus Schedule

Pierce Transit Route 400 Puyallup-Downtown Tacoma bus schedule and maps.

Pierce Transit Route
Pierce Transit Route

Weekday – Pierce Transit

Route 400-2


South Hill Park & Ride

Red Lot Park & Ride

Route 400 Puyallup-Downtown Tacoma – South Hill P&R – Bay 1 to 10th & Commerce TC – Zone F


Effective October 22,Tue, 28 Mar 2023 until further notice: 5th Street SW Closed between West Main & Stewart Ave for night work, due to Sound Transit Puyallup Station Expansion Project. Weeknights Monday – Friday, 8:00 p.m. – 5:00 am.


From Puyallup Park & Ride to Tacoma, arriving on 5th Street & Pioneer Ave:

Right on Pioneer Ave, continue across Meridian

Left on 3rd Street SE

Move to far left turn lane after crossing railroad tracks

Left on Stewart Ave/E Main Ave (at Traffic Signal)

Continue on Stewart Ave

Left at Puyallup Trains Station and resume route


From Tacoma to Puyallup, at Puyallup Train Station:

Right on Stewart Avenue

Right on Meridian

Right on Pioneer Avenue

Left on 5th Street and resume route to South Hill Park & Ride

South Hill P&R – Bay 1 Puyallup Station – Bay 1 Tacoma Dome Station – Zone E 10th & Commerce TC – Zone F
4:48A 4:57A 5:17A 5:25A
5:13A 5:22A 5:42A 5:50A
5:58A 6:07A 6:27A 6:35A
6:18A 6:27A 6:53A 7:01A
6:38A 6:47A 7:13A 7:21A
7:18A 7:27A 7:57A 8:05A
7:48A 7:57A 8:20A 8:29A
8:20A 8:29A 8:52A 9:01A
8:50A 8:59A 9:16A 9:25A
9:20A 9:29A 9:46A 9:55A
10:20A 10:29A 10:46A 10:55A
11:20A 11:29A 11:49A 11:58A
12:20P 12:29P 12:49P 12:58P
1:20P 1:29P 1:49P 1:58P
2:20P 2:29P 2:49P 2:58P
2:50P 2:59P 3:19P 3:28P
3:20P 3:29P 3:49P 3:58P
3:50P 3:59P 4:19P 4:28P
4:20P 4:29P 4:49P 4:58P
4:50P 4:59P 5:20P 5:29P
5:20P 5:29P 5:50P 5:59P
6:20P 6:29P 6:48P 6:57P
7:20P 7:28P 7:47P 7:56P
8:19P 8:28P 8:46P 8:54P

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