TARC 18 SCHEDULE SCHEDULE NOTE: B Trip begins or ends at Brook Street and Hill Street at time shown.

This route operates commuter express service between the Ivy Tech Park and Ride on Charlestown Road in Sellersburg and downtown Louisville. Downtown stops include both the Central Business District and University of Louisville Medical Center.

Bus Schedule TARC 18



TARC 18 SCHEDULETARC 18 is the transit authority of the River City company that provides public transportation in the Greater Louisville area. It offers bus schedules in Bullitt, Oldham and Jefferson counties in Clark and Kentucky counties and Floyd counties in Indiana.

With wheelchair and bicycle equipment TARC is open from Monday to Friday. To Fri. From eight o’clock to twelve o’clock and on Saturdays from nine o’clock to noon.

The TARC 18 route has two major parts on Highway 18 service, starts operating from downtown Louisville to Valley Station, through the 18th Street and also through the Dixie Highway, serving the Park Place Mall.

Watch the Watson Lena week trips throughout the Valley Village area. Some trips operate to DIxie Higway at the Upper Trace Hunters not serving Valley Station.

Attention on Route 50x which provides express services on parts of the route. Also the 45X Route that offers express service on parts of this route.

The entire journey begins or ends at Jefferson BLVD, at Aveenida Bates.

Bus route passing in the Jefferson Mall as demonstrated in the scheduler, remains the bus Jefferson Blvd. Near Bates Avenue wait a few minutes as soon as you can go straight north to the center of town.

Travel only during the week is offered for the Watson lane in the Valley Village region.

For those traveling on the road to Dixie on the Upper Hunters Trave and does not offer Valley Station services.

The 50x route already offers express transit services on parts of this routeTARC 18

The transportation from Preston Street runs from downtown Louisville to the Okolona Jefferson Mall area.

Serving UPS Worldport Hub on Great Lane.

The 45X route has Schedule service expressed in points on its wheel.

Note: This route does not meet travel Jefferson Mall or Post Office.

Buses can only pass at Jefersson Mall at times shown above.

Wait a few minutes if you want to get to the city center.