TARC 19 SCHEDULE BUS MUHAMMAD ALI  Here are some tools for you to plan your trip if you plan to embark non TARC 19. One of the routes where TARC 19 operates from areas south-east of Louisville to the center of St Mattews.

If you plan to make alternative trips TARC 19 originates from Cane Run Road in Rockford Lane or Park Duvalle, you can select selected morning and afternoon trips, the route continues to Riverport Industrial Park, off the Greenbelt Road.

TARC 19 serves the NIA Jobs and Travel Center, UL Medical Center, Jewish, Nortons and Kosair Children’s Hospitals, Crescent Hill and Frankfort Avenue.

And alternate trips operate in the Dupont Circle areas of Dutchmans Lane, serving the East Baptist Hospital, Norton Suburban and Jewish Suburban Hospitals, or Shelbyville Road going to Mall St. Matthews and Oxmoor Center.





Attention the Calendar:
C = The trip runs to / from Riverport and stops at Cane Run Road;
K = Trip operates via Russell Lee to Young through 38 due to traffic at Kennedy Elementary School;
L = The journey begins / ends at Chestnut Street on Liberty Street;
T = Trip ends at the time shown on 13th Street and Muhammad Ali; # = Evening rides to Dupont Circle continue on Bowling Blvd. to Shelbyville Road to Oxmoor Center. These trips do not operate west along Browns Lane, Winchester Road / Breckinridge Lane.



During the day many people look for ways to reach their destination safely, agility and tranquility, be it by taxi, uber, train or bus.

One of the most efficient and inexpensive ways for passengers is collective bus transportation, the TARC transport system is the latest generation and with total planning to bring the best and fastest transport to the passenger.

One of the routes that most draws people to their destinations is the TARC 19, which carries many passengers throughout the day, the driver or driver of the vehicle (train bus) is trained to take the TARC 19 passenger safely to the your point of arrival.

If you need some information about the route of TARC 19 or bus time, simply access our page or ask the driver of the bus, he will be ready to answer your questions.

Here are some tools for you to plan your trip if you plan to embark on TARC 19.

Just above you can see the map with all the route where the TARC 19 passes during the route, stopping at bus stops for the boarding and disembarkation of people and passengers.

You can see above the schedules of the TARC 19 bus, in which time the bus passes at the point closest to you, we indicate to arrive with minutes in advance so as not to lose your bus and be late arriving at your appointment, after all, no one likes of being late in their commitments.

We give travel tips on how to board and ride on TARC 19, always keep in mind all travel planning before leaving home.

The TARC 19 has tariff values ​​that you can buy online on the official website which is very comfortable for passengers who do not accurately leave the house to buy the bus fares required to pay and get to their destination.

If you are a cyclist you do not need to worry, TARC 19 has boarding alternatives for this type of driving, boarding rules with bicycle are visible on the official website with full support.

If New tariff system has been implemented it should be understood and understood for passengers who need transport or wish to embark on TARC 19.


19 TARC Muhammad Ali

service to

Oxmoor Center
Mall St. Matthews
Nia Travel & Jobs
Crescent Hill
St. Matthews
Baptist Hospital East
Suburban Hospital
Riverport Industrial Park
Park Duvalle

19 horário de tarc
19 tarc schedule

BOLD times represent P.M.
All buses are equipped with bicycle and wheelchair accessible.
C – The time shown is on the Cane Run Road on Old Rockford Lane. This bus does not pull on the bus circuit.
L – The weather is on Chestnut Street on Liberty Street.
* – SCHOOL DAYS ONLY. This trip did not stop at 38th St. in Southern, Young and Von Spieger.
# – Night travels with Dutch
Then go to Oxmoor Center via Bowling Blvd.
NOTE – These trips do NOT operate west on Browns Lane, Winchester Road
or Breckenridge Lane.



Access here is to find the time for the day and time of your trip.

It’s easy to plan your trip by simply determining your destination for the closest interaction.

A seção estava listada no topo da agenda do TARC 19 .

No topo, você pode ver toda a rota TARC 19 logo abaixo, você pode ver todos os horários de ônibus e fazer o planejamento climático que você precisa para chegar ao seu destino.

Ao planejar sua viagem no TARC 19 , determine onde você embarca no ônibus.

No lado esquerdo ao longo do tempo para o seu ponto de partida para determinar a que horas você precisa pegar o ônibus para chegar no seu destino no horário.

Consulte também as rotas de conexão do TARC 19 , se você pode usar as transferências para ir da sua origem para o seu destino, fazer conexões ou fazer paradas ao longo de sua rota ou rota e, em seguida, continuar sua rota no prazo de duas horas no período, tudo Isso pode ser feito com apenas uma tarifa de ônibus. Peça-lhe quando embarcar no ônibus.

As transferências de atenção não são transferíveis.


Para obter mais informações sobre o TARC 19, ligue para o centro de atendimento ao cliente da TARC, localizado na sede da TARC, no 1000 West Broadway e
Nia Travel and Jobs Centre, no 2900 West Broadway.

Você pode obter informações como TARC, horários de bolso, ingressos e ingressos disponíveis nos dois Centros de Atendimento ao Cliente da TARC.
Union Station, sede do TARC
. Funciona de segunda a sexta-feira das 8h às 17h.
Sábado corre das 9h até o meio-dia
Se você pretende Nia Travel & Jobs Center
A operação é de segunda a sexta-feira das 8h às 16h30.