14 Bus Schedule

Samtrans 14 Bus Schedule Linda Mar Park & Ride, the areas covered are: Coastside, bus travel planning tool, learn how to get to your destination using public urban passenger transport.

Firstly, passengers who want to go to the regions of, Coastside, can board the bus trips Samtrans 14 Bus Schedule.

14 Bus Schedule Samtrans

14 Bus Schedule Samtrans
14 Bus Schedule Samtrans

Samtrans 14 Bus Schedule, first of all, the bus timetable will be presented and then the map with the route and itinerary with the complete route of the Samtrans bus.

Samtrans 14 Bus Schedule, is part of the San Mateo County District transit system, in addition to the provision of common bus services, the Redi-Wheels, Caltrain passenger train are included.

LOOPS CLOCKWISE – Weekdays around Linda Mar Park & Ride
Terra Nova High School Linda Mar/ Capistrano Linda Mar/ Seville Linda Mar Park & Ride Crespi/ Manzanita Crespi/ Fassler Terra Nova High School
7:50 7:58 8:00 8:05 8:10 8:13 8:15
2:30w 2:38w 2:40w 2:45w 2:50w 2:53w
3:45^ 3:53^ 3:55^ 4:00^ 4:05^ 4:08^

Bus 14 Samtrans Route Maps

Before leaving home, check the bus route 14 Samtrans.

Bus Schedulo 14 Samtrans and route maps transit.